The New Year in different cultures, countries and religions

As per the new calendar year, on 1st January New Year is the day of new beginning. In different countries several different cultures celebrate the New Year as an event. In some places on Happy New Year day there is often public holiday which is marked as a national holiday across Country. As per the Gregorian calendar, New Year celebrations occur on 1 January. On the other hand various different countries have different New Year calendars. Some countries count year’s calendar as numerically. New Year Day Celebration is all about a new beginning, new desires and new thoughts. In all religions New Year 2019 is celebrated as per their traditions and customs. Various different cultures and religions trust that New Year signifies the starting of new life.

New Year by Religions

As said that New Year is a lucky chance to leave behind the negative memories with the previous year. New Year is the recreation of a new life where peoples promise to lead a better life in the upcoming year. Some religions welcome Happy New Year 2019 with prayers while others is going to start it with bursting of crackers.

The New Year in different customs and traditions provides some special importance to the New Year celebrations. As per the different Religions New Year is like an event that comes almost every month. Some people celebrate New Year in the season of spring while others observe it in autumn season. Below are some examples of how different cultures and religions celebrate New Year:-

Jewish New Year

Jewish New Year is the Rosh Hashanah which is celebrated on the first two days of the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar in autumn season. For Jews people, New Year is a time to look back at their mistakes over the old year. Apple dipped in honey is a symbol of a sweet new year. Jewish New Year is one of the holiest days of the year ahead.

Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year is also called as the Hijri New Year. Islamic New Year is celebrated on the first day of Muharram that is the first month as per the Islamic calendar. On this day Special prayers are said by the Islamic people and the appearance of the new moon is recorded in mosques. This fairly quiet New Year was celebrated on 14 Nov. in the year 2012 in Islam.

Thai New Year

Thai New Year is also called the Songkran. It is celebrated 13 April to 15 April. People do one popular activity of throwing of water. Thais peoples throw containers of water, use water guns, and even garden hoses to soak each other and hope that every New Year will bring good rains in the New Year. All Buddha statues and images are also signifies good luck and prosperity symbol.

Ethiopian New Year

It is also known as Enkutatash that means the "gift of jewels." Ethiopian New Year is celebrated on 11Sept. at the end of the big rains. In Ethiopian, people celebrate New Year by Dancing, singing in spring festival. Some cities do not have a religious holiday on this day.

Hindu New Year

Hindus people celebrated Happy New Year 2019 as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar that is Panchanga. Vikram Samvat is the popular name of the Hindu New Year festival. According to the Indian Calendar, sun is followed by seasons, months follow the moon and days follow both sun and moon. Thus, Hindu New Year initiate on the first day of Kartik Maas followed by Deepawali Amaavasya.

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